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Shop any eyeglasses frame and receive free single vision lenses, Standard CR39 or advanced safety polycarbonate material.
Shop any eyeglasses frame and receive free single vision lenses, Standard CR39 or advanced safety polycarbonate material.

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Solution Kit (8 fl., oz. 2 pk.)

by Zeiss


Zeiss Lens Cleaner allows you to clean just about every kind of lens in a gentle, yet thorough manner. Zeiss lens cleaning wipes don't contain aggressive cleaning substances that could lead to potential damage to the optical surface, coating, or lens. The Zeiss lens cleaner pack contains two individually packed 8-ounce bottles of cleaning liquid along with a microfiber cloth that is specially designed for the purpose of cleaning the lens, plus 10 ZEISS lens cleaning wipes.

What is Zeiss Lens Cleaner?

Zeiss cleaning wipes offer a quick and safe way for you to clean your lenses. It can also be used for cleaning no-glare coated eyewear as well. This lens cleaner spray is a professional cleaning solution that's formulated to clean lenses in a gentle and thorough manner. It can be used on both sunglasses and eyeglasses. There's no aggressive cleaning substance used in these lens cleaning wipes, so your lenses aren't at risk of suffering damage to the optical coating or surface.

What Can Zeiss Lens Cleaner be Used For?

This lens cleaner spray from Zeiss has been formulated especially for the safe cleaning and protection of various lens types against smudges and dirt. The mild formula of this camera lens cleaning kit allows you to clean your glasses without damaging the lens or leaving behind residue or streaks. You can use Zeiss lens cleaning wipes at home, in the office, or on the go. The small 8 bottles can easily be carried with you while taking a trip or going on vacation. The microfiber cloth included in the pack gives an optimal cleansing when used with the cleaning solution. You can also use these lens cleaning wipes for cleaning the screens of your laptop, monitor, or tablets.

How to Use

Direction for Eyeglass cleaning: Unfold microfiber cloth and gently brush away surface dust and smudges. If the lens is heavily soiled, rinse under water before application of cleaning spray. Apply Zeiss Lens Cleaner to both sides of the glasses and wipe dry with the microfiber cloth.

Direction for binoculars, scopes, goggles, camera lenses, mobile phones, and tablets: Gently brush away dust with the microfiber cloth, spray on the cloth to moisten, and then wipe away the smudges.


Ingredients: Deionized water, 2-butoxyethanol, proprietary detergents, and preservatives.