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Shop any eyeglasses frame and receive free single vision lenses, Standard CR39 or advanced safety polycarbonate material.
Shop any eyeglasses frame and receive free single vision lenses, Standard CR39 or advanced safety polycarbonate material.

Fogless Anti-Fog Lens Spray 1oz Bottle



Nothing is more frustrating than having your eyewear fog up while working or wearing a face mask. Not only are fogged lenses annoying, but they can also be a safety hazard since it limits your ability to see until the fog clears.

FOGLESS Anti Fog Spray is a quick and easy way to stop your glasses from fogging up, Simply spray on your lenses and wipe off the excess to prevent your glasses from fogging up, even in the worst conditions.


FOGLESS Anti-Fog Lens Spray is professionally designed to provide you with instant clarity and keep your glass or plastic surfaces clean, clear, and fog-free. With just a single application, you will enjoy long-lasting results. You don’t need to keep applying our spray now and then to get a long-lasting solution.

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This is a streak-free, non-toxic solution that keeps your glasses crystal-clear while wearing a mask. It’s also safe for both anti-reflective and non-anti-reflective lenses.

Fog removal never looked so good. Our FOGLESS anti-fog spray will quickly and easily remove fog from your goggles, windows, windscreens and so much more!
It's so easy to use; simply spray the solution over the surface to clear away fog and mist. Our powerful formula is designed to defog quickly and easily and will leave no residue, making it perfect for use on your glasses, goggles, and other similar items.

It's a simple solution to an annoying problem.

Unlike most anti-fog sprays on the market where you have to wait for over 20 minutes to wipe, our spray offers instant results. Just apply it on your surfaces, rub, rinse, and your glass will be safe from the fog. Perfect for everyday use!


  • INVISIBLE SHIELD: Spray on both lens surfaces and let it dry for a few seconds and then wipe. Leaves an invisible protective shield that stops fogging for up to 24 hours.

  • OFFERS INSTANT CLARITY: Our Anti-fog sprays provide you with an instant magical touch to keep your glass surfaces clear and fog-free. With a single application, you enjoy long-lasting fog resistance.

  • NATURAL, SAFE, AND TRUSTED: Non-toxic formula, alcohol & ammonia-free, a long-lasting defogger designed for keeping glasses from fogging up. Safe & Powerful anti-fog solution.

  • PROFESSIONAL ANTI-FOG SOLUTION: Safe on All Lenses, perfect for Glasses, Goggles, Sunglasses, Bathroom Mirrors, Binoculars, Windshields, Eyewear Lenses, Snorkel & Ski Masks, Glass / Plastic Windows, etc.


  • Material: Natural Water Mist Formula
  • Size: 1oz
  • Name: Fogless Anyi-Fog Spray

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fogless Anti-Fog Lens Spray 1oz Bottle


Fogless glasses anti fog spray is a water-based solution that is toxin-free, non-flammable and contains no abrasives. Glass cleaner spray is highly concentrated to give long-lasting, optically clear protection from the fog on both glass and plastic surfaces. Glasses cleaning spray stops the fog before it forms. Cleans, polishes and coats all in one simple application. These qualities provide clear vision in fog and a smooth surface that repels dirt, dust and abrasives.


Fogless Anti-fog spray for glasses will keep your eyeglasses, swim goggles, sports goggles, snorkeling masks, windshields, binoculars, scopes, hockey shields, bathroom mirrors, and endless other surface types fog-free and ready to go!




  • When you are using this anti-fog glasses spray, you just need to spray it on the goggles, diving mask, and other lenses. Don't need to worry about blurred vision again
  • Anti-fog spray is safe for all kinds of lens, coating, anti-reflection or professional lens
  • The portable size makes anti fogging for glasses easy to carry along
  • Glasses anti-fog spray is suitable for all sports, including snorkeling, swimming, skiing, cycling, hockey and so on. If your mask or goggles are easy to fog up, this glass anti-fog spray bottle can be your helper


Simple Application:


  • Make sure the lens surface is clean. Use a lens cleaner if needed.
  • Apply 1-2 sprays of the anti fog spray for glass on the surface of the lens.
  • Gently spread the liquid evenly with a soft cloth making sure to cover the entire lens.
  • Let air dry for approximately 15-20 seconds (you can blow on it for faster drying).
  • Gently wipe the lens surface with a soft dry cloth (make sure you do not rub).